By Stephanie Doty

We at Kyo Standard know a LOT is happening in the world of testing and we wanted to update you on everything we know regarding the ACT.

As of now, the June ACT is still on! The ACT has stated that they are doing their best to work with testing sites to follow CDC guidelines and make sure each student can take their test in a healthy environment.  If there are any changes for the exam, the ACT will be announcing that on May 22nd.

One of the biggest updates for the exam coming this September will be the Subject Retake portions for the exam. This would mean you or your student could potentially retest for certain subjects and take up to 3 sections in one testing period to increase their score. If anyone has taken a full exam since 2016, they would qualify for subject retakes. This also adjusts the prices of the exams. Starting in September, the price of a full exam with an essay will be $70 and $55 without the essay. For section retakes, there is also a difference in price. For one exam, it will cost $44, for two it will cost $48, and for three exams it will cost $52.

Additionally, coming this fall for our ACT test takers will be given a few new options for testing sites. In September, the ACT will be starting a new online testing system for certain test sites that will allow students to receive their scores two business days after the exam. This will be especially helpful for those who need accommodations, featuring screen readers and text to speech. There will also be a new registration system for the ACT that will provide students more information about their testing sites. Not all sites will feature the online system.

The ACT has also stated that they will also begin an online at home proctored system in the late fall. This will feature an online remote proctor. They will release more updates regarding this in the coming months.

Now, we understand this is a lot of information and we wanted to also give you a few helpful resources that can make all of this easier for you. As the June ACT has not been cancelled, we highly recommend that students prep as if it is going to happen. We want all our students to get their highest possible score and that requires consistent prep.

  • We will be launching our online platform in the next few weeks. On its students will be allowed to take an online version of the test with the same features we expect on the official ACT online exam. It will also be where you or your student will do their test prep homework and assignments.
  • For practice exams, please talk to your tutor to schedule practice tests. We’ve implemented an at home proctoring system where our students have to log in and be proctored by our proctor. We are running exams as frequently as we can to accommodate as many students as we can. If you or your student or someone you know is interested in taking an exam, reach out to

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From all of us at the Kyo Standard team, we hope you all are staying safe and healthy.