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SAT Prep Courses & Content Tutoring

Price: $1000

Starting Score: 1100 and below

Location: Online

10 Hours of one-on-one tutoring 

Our content course will cover:

Learn all of the things you should have learned! Did you learned it and forgot? Not sure?

We will cover:
– Algebra
– Geometry
– Basic Trig
– Reading Skills
– Grammar Rules

Our Content Tutorial is designed for students who:

Recognizes the Math but needs a refresher.

Answers Writing questions based on what “Sounds Good”.

Have a hard time understanding what is said on the reading passage. 

Score Improvement:

Students improve from 100 to 200 points through the Content Tutorial.

Without a solid foundation of content, learning strategies is difficult. At the end of the tutorial, students will know how to answer most of the questions on the test. The next step is the Strategy Tutorial where they will work on their accuracy.