The Advanced Placement Exams

With the changes to the schools going online due to Covid-19 will only exacerbate the problem. Online lessons conducted by school teachers have been inconsistent and at worst frustrating. Often times the teacher asks the student to watch a video lesson on the subject. But with limited in-person time, videos can lead to more confusion. This is why we are launching an 8-month long AP Prep course.

The class will meet once a week for two hours. Even though we will follow a traditional AP Syllabus, our instructors are comfortable with answering any questions the student might have regarding what they’ve learned in school. The instructor will also be able to provide guidance with regards to homework. Every week there will be a lecture and time to go over any questions the students might have. We will assign weekly homework assignments designed to mimic the types of questions you will find on the AP exam.

Each class will be capped at 5 students. This will allow us to stay true to our principle of providing individualized attention.