High School Admissions Testing

Skills-based Instruction and Supportive Mentoring

Students preparing for high school admissions often find themselves taking high-stakes tests for the first time in their lives. Understandably, these students stand to benefit from some very supportive mentoring and coaching. In addition, depending upon the grade school they attend, these students may present a variety of gaps in scope and sequence in their curricula. At Academic Approach, our tutors are prepared to mentor students applying for high school placement with strong, skills-based instruction as well as positive, confidence-building mentoring.

The High School Application Process

High school admissions can be challenging for many students. There are a number of different tests available, and testing towards high school admissions begins as early as 7th grade. Students should keep many options open for themselves by considering various types of schools.  The broad categories of schools that students may consider, and the tests that students use to apply to each school type, include:

Admission to private or independent high schools is determined by a number of factors, including class rank, GPA, extracurricular activities and teacher recommendations. Your child’s performance on high school entrance exams is also a key factor.

Preparing for high school entrance exams can be stressful, confusing, and overwhelming for both parents and students. We will work closely with you to tailor our preparation to your

child’s needs while helping you navigate the testing process to get the results you desire.

Our instructors will engage and mentor your student, while building valuable academic skills he or she will continue to use beyond the test.