2205, 2020

How to Get Into Top Colleges: Why Perfect Numbers Aren’t Enough

May 22nd, 2020|ACT, College Admissions, PSAT, SAT|

By Padya Paramita, InGenius Prep You might have the best grades in your class, or maybe you’ve struggled with maintaining A’s throughout high school. Regardless of where you stand, you could hold the belief that strong numbers are all it takes to get into schools like Harvard or Princeton. But, hold on a second. Did you know that hundreds of college applicants with perfect scores are turned down from prestigious universities every year? At first thought, it may seem confusing, but remember that grades and scores aren’t the only components colleges evaluate. As you consider the question of how [...]

805, 2020

Updates from the ACT

May 8th, 2020|ACT, College Admissions, PSAT, SAT|

By Stephanie Doty We at Kyo Standard know a LOT is happening in the world of testing and we wanted to update you on everything we know regarding the ACT. As of now, the June ACT is still on! The ACT has stated that they are doing their best to work with testing sites to follow CDC guidelines and make sure each student can take their test in a healthy environment.  If there are any changes for the exam, the ACT will be announcing that on May 22nd. One of the biggest updates for the exam coming this September [...]

805, 2020

The Future of the SAT

May 8th, 2020|ACT, College Admissions, PSAT, SAT|

By Cindy Reyes-Cortes What does the SAT going online mean? The Shelter in Place order has been mandated nationwide in 43 states. We have adapted to many changes - one being our education system. Schools from kindergarten to post-graduate studies have all transitioned completely online in order to practice social distancing. In our world today practicing health safety is a priority and the College Board agrees, they are doing their best to adapt to the changes as well. On April 16th the College Board announced the cancellation of the SAT exam that was to be held on June 6th. [...]

2104, 2020

College Acceptance Letters

April 21st, 2020|ACT, College Admissions, PSAT, SAT|

College Acceptance Letters: How to Decide Where to Attend By Padya Paramita, InGenius Prep The wait is finally over, and you’ve received a handful (or more) of college acceptance letters from your top choices. First of all, congratulations! Your hard work throughout high school has paid off. Once you’ve celebrated, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and think about the options that lie ahead. When it comes to making the big decision for the next four years, how do you go about picking the school that’s a perfect fit for you? Every student has certain factors [...]